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27 January 2012 ·

This is pretty brilliant.

10 January 2012 ·

#BiSC Sponsorships and some more thoughts about bloggers

I want to dedicate an entire post to the amazing sponsors, restaurants, bars, shows, clubs, etc. that made the whole #BiSC experience so absolutely stellar. I’ve never, ever been made to feel so very VIP! Here goes:

First up, the very pink Flamingo hotel and casino! We got to stay in the tres chic Go Rooms, complete with a television in the bathroom and the most deliciously comfy beds in Vegas (and, I assure you, since I was fighting some form of the plague all weekend, I was asleep by midnight every night, so I am very much an expert on the comfy beds). We also had lots of reserved space at the pool, which provided a great space for all of us bloggers to introduce ourselves, chat, and stand around, freezing, on our tip toes, with tensed up shoulders, while wayward footballs splashed into the water a little too close to us.

(Here we are, freezing!)

When we first checked in, we were presented a gift bag FULL of goodies - everything from pop chips to hair flairs to homeopathic hangover spray. There were delicious cookies from Bitter Baking Company, poolside drinks sponsored by Clever Girls Collective, and amazing (AMAZING) Swiss Maid fudge. There was way more, but I can’t remember everything. Oh! There were large bottles of Dragon Fruit infused Skyy vodka. I can’t believe I almost forgot, considering I checked three bottles in my luggage to bring home. Vodka party for all you SF bloggers, coming up soon (as soon as we all detox, that is)!

In addition to all the cool booty we snagged, there were drinks, a show, and club action the whole weekend, including a happy hour at Sin City Brewing Company and an insanely foodgasmic fondue setup at Sugar Factory. I mean do you see the cream-cheese-frosting-frosted red velvet cupcake drinks? I died.

(And by died I mean I [probably creepily] licked every bit of cream cheese frosting off the glass)

There was another happy hour at a bar whose name I can’t remember but here’s evidence that we were there and it was really fun:

(Cue Katherine’s necklace getting caught in the table hilarity immediately after this picture was snapped)

We also saw Absinthe, which is an over-the-top Cirque-de-Soleil (ish) show that had us all simultaneously holding our breath and gasping at the amazingly talented bendy people. I mean Hi, roller-skating-while-being-held-by-one-leg-and-flying-through-the-air couple!

(Photo Credit Tom Donoghue)

Saturday night ended at Pure nightclub. I could say quite a bit about pure, but I think I’ll let this picture speak for itself:


So as I’m reading all these (incredibly well-written) #BiSC recaps, it’s striking me how many of the people that went to Vegas consider themselves introverts; how many were nervous going into the weekend and didn’t know anyone who would be there (in real life, at least). And it’s striking me how all the introversion, the self-doubt, the nervousness, seemingly dissipated almost immediately. I had no idea that Caryn gets shy in a large group, since from the second I met her she seemed so outgoing and full of awesome (yes, in my world awesome is something you can be full of. Just awesome). And I had no idea that Kaci hadn’t met anyone before the weekend, so when Nicole threw her an impromptu bachelorette party on Saturday night I assumed they had been friends for years. So it continues to blow my mind that all these people, all these self-described shy, introverted people, threw themselves into the weekend, threw themselves into new relationships and friendships and inside jokes and real-life love for one another. It makes me proud that I was a part of it and sorry only that there wasn’t more time.

One week later, I have some lessons that I’ve been reminded of.

I’m reminded that it is always, always worth it to do something that scares you.

I’m reminded not to judge books by their covers.

I’m reminded that people are mostly good.

I’m reminded that there’s a whole world out there waiting for me to throw myself to it with abandon.

Until next year, #BiSC.

(Most photos from Becca and stolen off Facebook)

30 May 2011 ·

On being oh so very sick, Nashville, and #BiSC

You know how when you are about to travel for a week and you get really sick, and it just turns you into a clingy monster because you have a fever and you’ve literally gone through 12 boxes of tissues in two days and you watched the 25th anniversary edition of Les Miserables and cried the entire three 1/2 hours because it’s way darker than you remember, which lead to more nose blowing and more tissues? No? Just me? Oh. Well, suffice it to say, I was a clingy monster last Sunday night, since I still had a fever and I was trying to load a suitcase with a combination of business clothes and glitter (for Vegas, natch) and getting overwhelmed and weepy and, well, clingy. So this is me giving big props to the hubs for putting up with me, because I was even annoying myself (and I have an exceptionally high tolerance for my own level of annoying).

I did get to have lunch with my sister on my layover in Denver, which was an awesome and unexpected treat and made me feel better for the 45 minutes we got to hang out.

The thing about Tennessee is, I was kind of loving on it. I mean, it’s redder than red (Don’t Say Gay bill, anyone?) but it’s also beautiful and the people are ridiculously nice and Nashville has this whole hipster music scene that’s not just country and some fun neighborhoods and Pinkberry! (By the way, SF city planners, IceBee is good and all, but it’s Not. Pinkberry. Nothing is as good as Pinkberry. Seriously.)

So Tennessee was good, other than being sick as anything - I managed to meet the one person (I think) from Alabama who voted for Obama (that tiny little spot of blue near Mobile? I met him!) and the work bit was really good too. And then…

On to Vegas.

After a traveling/time zone snafu that lead to me buying a last minute, ridiculously expensive ticket (but it was direct! And I got a window seat!! Thanks, Southwest!), I landed in Vegas for Bloggers in Sin City. Now, here’s the thing. I knew a bunch of the ladies that were going from living and hanging in SF, but I don’t work in social media, I’m a bad blog-conversationalist (I forget to reply to comments, half the time - I know, cardinal sin), and I’m terrible (terrible) with names (let alone associating names with faces with twitter handles with blog titles with urls with…). Add that to the fact that there were 50+ bloggers to meet, and my lingering illness, and I was more than a little nervous while waiting for Suki’s and Kelly’s flights to get in. On the other hand, I had some blog crushes that I couldn’t wait to meet!

The weekend was incredible. INCREDIBLE. First of all, everyone I met was amazing and nice and friendly and engaging and funny and wonderful. Actually, first of all, I got to solidify friendships that I already had - spending a long weekend with Teena, Casi, Lauren, Amber, Nicole, Morgan, et. al., was amazing. Second of all, everyone I met was amazing and nice and friendly and engaging and funny and wonderful. Thirdly (third of all?), Nicole organized the most amazing event, full of fabulous sponsorships and VIP lists and poolside fudge and all-around goodness. Nicole, thank you so, so much for organizing this - you are truly amazing. Truly.

The weekend had a million sponsors that probably deserve their own post, so in the meantime, I leave you with the 2011 #BiSCuits:
Thanks to Becca for the photo!

24 May 2011 ·

So much commitment! Reverb 10

"Reverb 10 is an open online initiative that encourages participants to reflect on this year and manifest what’s next. It’s an opportunity to retreat and consider the reverberations of your year past, and those that you’d like to create in the year ahead."

I’m pretty proud of myself for committing to this blog for (almost) a full year already, and think this is a great continuation of the November Thankfulness Campaign, which has inspired me to keep writing (almost) every day.

30 November 2010 ·

On online (friend) dating.

I didn’t really think you could meet new friends from blogging.

Sure, I have some tumblr crushes, but the idea of meeting people didn’t really click with me. I mean, I’ve never done online dating or anything so it was hard to envision having any basis for conversation if all you know about each other, you’ve read online.

On the other hand, I’m always down to meet interesting, fun people, so when Chelsea from Lijit sent me a message about a Tweet-Up last week, I put on my extrovert hat* and went for a few drinks.

It turns out that bloggers are awesome.

Flash forward to Halloween, and suddenly I find myself surrounded by some really fun people who turned a regular old Halloween in San Francisco** into a super fun scavenger hunt***.

Lauren writes The Offbeat Report. Also, she’s the mom of a kitten that was stranded on the roof next door to my house. So, she’s a good writer and she saves kittens!

Chelsea is the author of Chelsea Talks Smack. I owe her a big thank you for inviting me out to meet all these fine folks. Also, she loves love.

Nicole blogs on Nicole is Better. She also runs Bloggers in Sin City, which I’m totally going to next year!

Jamie's blog is just her name ( I mean, that’s bad ass. Also, she is a laugh-out-loud, make-you-snort-your-drink funny one.

Amber, of Moose in the Kitchen, forgot her costume and dressed up as Mary Poppins by grabbing a pea coat and an umbrella. And the thing is, she totally nailed it.

Please take some time to check out these girls’ blogs.**** They are smart, funny, and fun, and they are all really good writers!

Lauren, me, Chelsea, Nicole, and Jamie. Not pictured, but also awesome: Amber

* Metaphorically, that is,although if I were to have such a hat it would be bright yellow.
** Um, there’s no such thing as a regular old Halloween in San Francisco. It’s like our second largest holiday after Pride.
*** Minus prizes, because, you know, last minute. The fun was in the hunt! Also, in the drinks.
****I’ve now linked to each of them like 37 times, so I made them really easy to find.

4 November 2010 ·

7 things you really don't need to take a photo of - The Oatmeal

I am very, very guilty of all of these sins.

15 October 2010 ·

Three Jezebel articles in a row that made me go, uhmmm, what??!

This: Natalee Holloway’s Mom Sneaks Into Prison To See Van Der Sloot

This: O’Donnell: “America Is One Of The Most Free Places In The Country”

and This: Acid-Attack Woman Admits It Was A Hoax

Jezebel, you are making my head spin.

17 September 2010 ·

I think I may need a break from traveling.

I think I may need a break from traveling.

13 September 2010 ·

Why Your Google Looks Freaky Today

(via Valleywag)

7 September 2010 ·

Arcade Fire Does Something Cool With The Internet



Way, way bad ass. Google has teamed up with Arcade Fire and video director Chris Milk to make a crazy interactive video for their song We Used To Wait, set… on the street you grew up on. (via: iamafungirl)

This is so so so cool!!

30 August 2010 ·



26 August 2010 ·

This sums up how I feel about the Twilight craze.  via

This sums up how I feel about the Twilight craze.


16 July 2010 ·

via Passive Aggressive Notes


via Passive Aggressive Notes

1 July 2010 ·

Current Status

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30 June 2010 ·

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