Vitamin C - graduation (friends forever)

I was driving to the airport and all of a sudden this song came on the radio and I was instantly transported to June 2000. It dawned on me that I am officially ten years out of high school (!!) and I remember thinking this song was so relevant (because, what isn’t so relevant when you’re seventeen?) to my life at the time.

A few things I would like to tell my 17-year old, graduating-high-school self:

  • Friends aren’t really forever. Well, that’s not exactly true - let’s just say all friends aren’t forever. There are some friends, even very very best friends, who don’t end up being forever. Realizing this - and realizing that someone who is your very very best friend is a toxic person who you’re better off without - hurts a lot. It takes a long time to get over it. The silver lining is that 1) in the end, you’re rid of someone who has hurt you, continuously and deeply, and 2) in the meantime, you have made other, newer, really, truly best best friends, so 3) in the end, you win out.

  • You’re not going to stay with your high school boyfriend. I mean come on, you must have known this even ten years ago. But seriously? You have nothing in common and you fight all the time. A healthy relationship is made up of trust, respect, and pride. A healthy relationship is relatively drama-free. You are going to have quite a few healthy (and one or two not-so-healthy) relationships in the next few years. DTMFA. You will survive.

  • College is amazing. You will meet the best people ever, travel all over the place, drink too much, laugh so much it hurts, cry a bunch, realize who you are, realize who you’re not, and come to terms with yourself during the next four years. Then, you will leave. This will be hard, but it will be good for you. Leaving will make you appreciate everything that you’ve left behind.

  • Try and appreciate your life. It is really pretty incredible, and it passes by quickly. Don’t take it for granted.
To completely change the subject, what ever happened to Vitamin C (and her abs)?

10 June 2010 ·

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